Théo Hernandez targeted by a complaint after the fatal attack of his pit bull on another dog

As revealed by the Italian press, the pit bull of the French international left-back, Théo Hernandez, bit an elderly woman’s little dog to death on Friday in Guanzate. His niece announced that she was going to file a complaint against the French player.

After Kurt Zouma’s cat case, another player from the France team is involved in a dirty story with a pet. This is Théo Hernandez, owner of a pit bull who killed another dog as La Provincia di Como revealed on Sunday.

The scene took place on Friday in the municipality of Guanzate, in the province of Como. The AC Milan player’s dog (24) took advantage of the opening of the gate of the house in which Theo Hernandez and his partner, Zoe Cristofolio, live to escape. In the street, he attacked an old lady’s little dog, a 7-year-old pinscher who was on a leash.

In shock, the owner of the pinscher was hospitalized

The 74-year-old priority tried to save “Milo” by taking him in his hands before lifting him above his head. But the pit bull jumped on her, knocking her to the ground, before biting her jacket. Finally, the old lady managed to get up. She tried to put her dog on a car but the pit bull again lunged at the pinscher and bit him to death. Her niece said her aunt, in shock, had to be hospitalized. In search of witnesses, she announced that a complaint against the defender of AC Milan will be filed. Théo Hernandez and his companion would also be shocked by this affair.

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