Théo Hernandez targeted by a complaint: his pit bull attacks a passer-by and kills his dog!


This is a story that is likely to make noise, only a few days after the case involving Kurt Zouma. As a reminder, the defender of the Blues was filmed mistreating one of his cats, which led to virulent reactions from all sides. This time, it is in Italy that the case is located and more precisely near Lake Como. It concerns one of the newcomers to the France team, Theo Hernandezthe brother of Lucas, who plays for AC Milan.

As the Italian media La Provincia di Como tells it, the story took place last Friday. The companion of Zoe Cristofoli, who is expecting their first child, had left the gate of his villa open when a 74-year-old retiree passed in front of the house with her dog, a 7-year-old pinscher. Owner of a pit bullThéo Hernandez did not have time to hold back his pet and the latter ran through the opening of the gate to throw himself on the poor dog. The lady then tried to lift her pinscher off the ground to prevent the pit bull from attacking him, but it took more for the mastiff, who leapt up, knocking the old lady down and attacking her dog.

The passerby hospitalized, a call for witnesses broadcast

Results, the poor pinscher succumbed to injuries inflicted by Theo Hernandez’s dog, and his owner got away with a torn jacket. In shock after this attack, she had to be hospitalized, before the niece of this lady decided to file a complaint against Olivier Giroud’s teammate in Milan. On his side, the player and his companion would be sorry for the passerby and shocked by this story, as reported by the transalpine publication. A call for witnesses was broadcast to learn more about this terrible attack.

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