these 3 tips that can reduce the bill

€437 excluding taxes: this is the average budget allocated each year by a motorist to insure his car. A price that has been climbing for several years. By way of comparison, the average premium excluding taxes was €418 in 2012 according to data from France Assureurs. Even though purchasing power is restricted, how is it possible to make savings on this item of expenditure? Here are 3 tips to achieve this.

Tip 1: change insurance company

For the past 10 years, the price of auto insurance has continued to rise. And the year 2022 was no exception: on average, contract prices increased by +2%. In question ? More and more expensive cars, complex equipment to repair, higher medical costs and a number of accidents which continues to increase. As a result, motorists find themselves with an increasingly salty bill for the insurance of their vehicle. But there is a simple way to lower the bill: bring the competition into play.

According to the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir, being loyal to your insurer is not the best way to get a good price for your car insurance. On the contrary, the best offers are usually reserved for new customers. Regularly touring insurance to compare its current formula with that of competitors is therefore a very good idea. Simpler: it is possible to use an online comparator. At BestAssurance, the average savings for customers was €340, with comparable guarantees.

Tip 2: choose the right vehicle

The very characteristics of each vehicle influence the price of car insurance. It is therefore preferable to study them before embarking on the purchase of a new car. First data to take into account: the power of the vehicle. Statistically, the higher it is, the greater the risk of an accident, and therefore the more expensive the insurance premium. Also, a new over-equipped car will be more expensive to insure, due to the costs associated with repairing it in the event of an accident.

Finally, some models are particularly wanted and stolen, and therefore more expensive in insurance. In 2021, the 3 most stolen cars were the Toyota Prius, the DS 7 Crossback and the Renault Mégane RS. To limit the bill with one of these vehicles, it is best to equip it with an anti-theft system and report it to your insurance company. Similarly, constantly parking it in a locked garage can allow you to obtain a price reduction.

Tip 3: reduce the risk of accidents

By strictly applying the Highway Code and limiting speed, it is possible to greatly limit the risk of at-fault accident. Because it is these accidents, as well as those semi-responsible, which are at the origin of the malus. And that can be very expensive: for a basic auto insurance contribution of €600, a driver with the maximum malus, ie 3.5, will pay no less than €2,100. At the same time, a good driver who has acquired the best bonus, ie 0.50, will only pay €300 a year.

The bonus-malus mechanism is as follows: each responsible accident multiplies the coefficient by 1.25 (responsible accident) or 1.125 (partially responsible accident). Without a responsible accident, you have to wait 13 years before reaching the maximum bonus of 0.50. In the event of a small collision alone, it may thus be interesting not to declare it to your insurance and to pay yourself the costs incurred so as not to increase your penalty.

Car insurance: these 3 tips that can reduce the bill

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