These 7 Dog Breeds Are The Hardest To Train

—Spencer Xu / —Sbolotova /

No need to prove that a dog is man’s best friend. Raising a dog takes a lot of love and skill. However, some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Discover the 7 most difficult dog breeds to train.

7. The shiba inu

Originally from Japan, “shiba” refers to the smallness of something’s size. Hence its name shiba inu, of which “inu” means dog. This breed is known as having an independent and above all dominant character. Loneliness does not necessarily bother him, but he tends to disobey his master. Therefore, to perfect his education, it will be necessary to be patient while keeping a steady hand. From his first months as a puppy, it is essential to socialize him with children and other animals. The shiba inu is a very lively and protective dog although he is fearful. His strong personality earns him a place in the list.

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