The behavior of our feline friends sometimes leaves us confused. Recently, a surfer captured the moment her 3 cats had their first meeting with the newborn in the house, and their reactions surprised more than one!


brigette is the proud owner of 3 felines whose adventures she shares on the platform TikTok. Newsweek reports that one of these videos, filmed on the occasion of a baby’s arrival, has been viewed millions of times.

“Petrified” cats!

The woman expected love at first sight between the quadrupeds and the newborn to be instant, but she was far from it! Each of the 3 cats will react in a completely strange way, surprising all those who will visualize the scene.


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♬ Oh no – Kreepa

They all keep their distance from the baby, never getting too close, and their frozen postures don’t exude much serenity! One of the cats even runs away when he is approached by his mistress.

It is a hilarious scene that has touched the hearts of millions of internet users. Many have also asked for news on the development of the relationship between baby and feline.

They just needed some time

Fortunately, and quite logically, the cats have shown themselves closer and closer to the little girl. brigette made sure to capture these precious moments in other videos, much to the delight of his followers.


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♬ Soltag – Nicky Youre & dazy

One thing is certain: despite a difficult start, the felines will never take their eyes off this newborn, who is now part of their daily routine.