These dogs and cats are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Djio, Letty, Oréo and Trixie

Djio3 years old, husky

name : Djio
Sex : Male
Age : 3 years
Race : Husky
Journey : Djio was abandoned because his master had “no more time for him”.
Character : He is a little wary at first but you quickly make a great friend of him with treats and outings! He is a real sportsman, who likes to run.
He also likes everything with feathers, so we will avoid the proximity of a chicken coop… You have to get to know him, show him that he can trust you and you will have a great companion for life.
His ideal home: A sportsman (or one) who loves walks, even long walks.

Letty7 and a half years old, golden retriever

name : Letty
Sex : Female
Age : 7 and a half years
Race : Golden retriever
Journey : His sister was adopted but she stayed at the shelter.
Character : She is a dog of great kindness, sociable, who walks quietly and although she is a little over 7 years old, is in good shape.
His ideal home: A family, young or less young, with a friend or a human presence would be a plus.

Oreo3 and a half years old, labrador cross griffon

name : Oreo
Sex : Male
Age : 3 and a half years
Race : Labrador cross griffin
Character : He is sociable, glue pot, demonstrative. On walks, he tends to have his muzzle on the ground, a real tracker.
In the presence of cats, he does not trigger, although he does not know them.
His ideal home: He loves company, so a four-legged friend and an active family would make him the happiest of dogs!

Trixie2 years old, European cat

name : Trixie
Sex : Female
Age : 2 years
Race : European cat
Journey : Trixie is from an elderly rescue.
Character : She seems shy at first sight but in the end, she likes hugs even if she remains a little on the reserve the time to grant her confidence.
His ideal home: This pretty kitty who likes to bask in the sun and is looking for a house, or an apartment, with a calm family.

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Useful information

It should be remembered that each shelter has adoption conditions. They can be viewed on their websites (links below).

Nargis Shelter

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Rout of Montabon, 45210 Nargis

Phone. : 02 38 95 88 48
Mobile: 06 49 45 99 22
Email: [email protected]



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