These dogs are having fun in a bone-shaped pool at a dog daycare center

In Maybee, Michigan (USA), a group of dogs are having a blast at a dog daycare. A bone-shaped swimming pool was installed with the idea that the animals could play there.

The pool, which measures approximately 20 feet wide by 40 feet long, is located in the Lucky Puppy Care Center. With puppies of all breeds in mind, this pool has a deep side and a shallow side, so shy and small pets can fit in.

Since it was installed, the dogs are very happy to use it, and whenever it’s time, they are ready for a bath.

The dogs have fun in the swimming pool of their day center.


The nursery owner, Brenda Langley, is happy to be able to offer her lovely customers such a special moment of pleasure.

Brenda, said according to the Daily Mail:

“I love the time spent by the pool with the dogs, nothing like seeing them let off steam and enjoy life. »

The woman says the idea for the pool came about because she always thought all children should grow up with it a swimming pool at home. From an early age, she was lucky enough to grow up with one of them, so she knows the happiness and fun it can bring.

Brenda added:

“I can’t imagine a childhood without a swimming pool, and these kids are just a bunch of kids wanting to have fun.”


Several videos of the nursery shared on her social media sites show all the dogs having fun and playing.

In one of the videos, the person recording the video can be heard calling out the names of some of the dogs as they jump into the water. Each of the dogs has a different way of entering the water, some with their toys, others jumping and still others entering the water very carefully.


But what’s really important is that in the end, everyone enjoys the time spent in the pool and shares the fun of playing with their friends.

Brenda commented:

“The pool was built with my dogs in mind, but I knew they wouldn’t mind sharing it. »


On the other hand, the cleanliness of the swimming pool is a challenge, since the daycare workers have to take special care of it. They usually have to sweep the pool each morning, a task that can take around an hour to complete.

Also, several powerful filters work Round the clock, every day of the week, to keep the water clean and disinfected.

But this activity isn’t the nursery’s only entertainment, as the site in southwest Detroit has extensive playgrounds and nature trails.


In addition, furry dogs staying at the daycare have the option of having rooms equipped with blankets and can listen to soothing music. However, Brenda says swimming is what he is better for dogs, because she has been able to prove that she helps them both physically and psychologically.


She adds that the videos of the dogs enjoying the pool also become relaxing therapy for people who watch them.

Brenda said:

“I’ve had many people write to me saying it’s the one thing that’s made them smile for X long because of the personal challenges they’ve been through. »


There is no doubt that dogs staying at this daycare will enjoy their stay and, of course, their bath time.

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