These Dogs With Deformed Faces Become Best Friends To A Family Who Adopts Them

Two misshapen dogs became best friends after being adopted by the same family five years apart. Founder and Director of Luvable Dog Rescue, Liesl Wilhardt, 53, shared a glimpse of the undying friendship between Picasso and Newt.

Both dogs have facial deformities and live with Wilhardt on 22 acres at his home in Eugene, Oregon.

Liesl adopted Picasso in 2017 after the sudden death of her brother, Pablo, then adopted Newt in 2021, and the two quickly became inseparable.

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Five-year-old Picasso was born with a crooked muzzle, while one-year-old Newt suffered a bite from his mother that robbed him of his upper jaw.

Picasso’s condition is called the mouth hookedwhich causes one side of the jawline to become longer than the other, resulting in a distorted appearance that closely resembles the artwork created by its namesake, Pablo Picasso.

This medical condition can occur in various other animal species, as well as dogs, and causes no pain, but makes adopting a pet much more difficult.

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Despite the daily difficulties due to their malformations and Newt’s medical problems, the couple now leads a very happy life.


Wilhardt gave his followers a glimpse of their friendship with a series of clips of their daily activities, including eating, playing together, walking and picking berries.

“It’s a miracle that Picasso survived as a baby, because it would have been very difficult for him to even breastfeed,” Liesl said.


“Newt had a lot more challenges, surprisingly the biggest challenges weren’t due to his lack of an upper jaw. » Both Picasso and Newt love people, so in public they are very outgoing and attention-seeking and love to greet people.

“Most people take two immediate shots, then stare at the dogs for a while, trying to make sense of what they’re seeing. They do not suffer; they have adapted to their physical difficulties and do almost anything they want. Picasso liked Newt from the beginning because Newt likes to play and fight and has a very good character. This friendship deepened as Newt matured. »

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“I absolutely love Picasso and Newt with all my heart, they are two incredibly affectionate, happy, intelligent and funny dogs.”

Picasso even has his own Instagram account, where he entertains over 276,000 followers.

Liesl has rescued hundreds of disabled animals and owns 22 hectares of forest where she provides a perfect home for dogs, cats, chickens and even pigs, one of which is Picasso’s best friend.

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Other pets include five pit bulls called Buddha, Nenna, Piggy, Owl and Maverick, as well as a Pug/Chihuahua mix called Hazel.

Liesl also saved five pigs: Bernard, who is a KuneKune, Debbie, a huge Yorkshire pig, JackJack, a KuneKune, and Donut and Nanners, who are mixtures of Yorkshire pigs.

The rescue center has also taken in several cats and their litters, and Liesl herself has adopted ten dogs and rescued a pig named Pax.

Most of the dogs come from overcrowded shelters in California, where there are more animals than available homes, including Picasso.

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This animal lover, who lives on the grounds where the center is located, spends several hours a day preparing the animals’ food, feeding them and cleaning.

Many dogs suffer from various health problems and have to undergo operations or amputations, which she supports.

Liesl, in 2021, said she hired six people to care for the animals full-time, and they all regularly take the dogs for walks.

Other volunteers come on weekdays to walk the dogs, play with the pigs and socialize with the cats. Speaking in 2017, Liesl, who founded Luvable Dog Rescue 22 years ago, said of Picasso: “Picasso is a very special dog, with an exceptional temperament. »

“I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. He is trained as a certified therapy dog ​​and is also an ambassador for the Luvable Dog Rescue association. He lives in my house with nine other rescue dogs. Picasso bravely continues his therapy and service dog training without his brother by his side for the first time in his life. When Pablo died, it broke my heart. They were so close. They had always been together. »

She said that at the time, Picasso spent his days helping disabled or sick people as part of Liesl’s rescue program.

“Now we are working to have him officially trained as a rescue dog. He works with people who are sick or need help,” she said. “I love this boy very much, and so far he has had a very hard life. I want the rest of his life to be amazing. »

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