These stray and unhealthy kittens slept in an abandoned car

Stray kittens who lived in deplorable conditions in a car junkyard were taken in by an association. Their state of health requires heavy care. Consanguinity is probably the cause of their malformations.

A man who wandered through the car junkyard of Bradfordin the yorkshire in England, spotted 4 kittens in an old car. He immediately contacted the shelter Yorkshire Cat Rescue who took them in after a tricky trapping operation. The 4 cubs, wild and frightened, were taken to a safe place in order to benefit from urgent veterinary care. “We noticed that all of the kittens had very sticky eyes, that they couldn’t open them properly and that they were extremely malnourished”explains a member of the shelter.

Heavy and expensive care

The kittens were diagnosed by the vet as suffering from upper eyelid agenesis. This is a congenital defect that results in underdevelopment of the eyelids. They therefore all need a delicate eye operation aimed at reducing the impact of this malformation (dry eyes, difficulty opening the eyelids).

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Yorkshire Cat Res

A kitten named Ginetta previously had a procedure to cut the skin around the eyes to relieve pressure. Adequate treatment as well as daily eye cleaning have also been prescribed for the entire litter.

A small male, maseratisuffers from dental problems which cause him pain. Benthleymeanwhile, has a malformation in the left forelimb, which will most certainly result in an amputation.

A member of Yorkshire Cat Rescue said : “All of these issues are likely due to inbreeding, but we are determined to do our best for these kittens and give them what they need to have a good quality of life.”. The association has launched a call for solidarity to help them contribute to veterinary costs.

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