They abandon their dog because they think he’s gay


The owners of an animal about 5 years old left him at a shelter after seeing him mount another male.

The animal should soon find a home.

The animal should soon find a home.


Fezco is chomping at the bit at the Stanly County, North Carolina, animal shelter. This dog, aged about 4-5 years, had happy days with his owners until the day he had the misfortune to mount another male. His masters then deduced that the animal was homosexual, reports WCCB. Faced with dumbfounded employees, the owners of Fezco explained that they did not want to keep it under their roof.

On Facebook, the Stanly County shelter shared the animal’s surreal story, saying he’s in great shape and nice to everyone. Fezco’s misadventure has left many Internet users speechless. “Things like this make me want to hit someone,” said one social network user. The unfortunate dog should, however, quickly find a home: people ready to adopt Fezco are rushing to the gate.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), rubbing or riding on a conspecific of the same sex may be part of normal pet play behavior and is not necessarily indicative of their sexuality. Puppies often ride on playmates, people, and toys until they reach sexual maturity. It also happens that sterilized or castrated male or female dogs continue to do so because they like it.


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