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Chantal Thomas and her husband devote their lives to caring for handicapped animals. An adventure that began with the arrival of Mona Lisa, a cat disfigured by iron bars. Focus on the Assist’Animaux association.

Ready for a little trip down memory lane? Fasten your seatbelts and go back 20 years. A lady, who was feeding stray cats on an urban island, came knocking on the door of Chantal Thomas with a special parcel in her arms: a cat had been disfigured with an iron bar. first name mona-lisa Due to ” his slightly curious smile “, the ball of fur gone blind immediately won the heart of Chantal and her husband, who adopted her.

Thanks to a few stitches, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and above all a considerable dose of affection, the great injured was put back on her feet. Although she was apprehensive when she arrived, mona-lisa gradually came out of its shell.

It was cat loveremembers our interlocutor, passionate about felines since childhood, she was so kind and docile, she adapted so well to her blindness that we fell in love with blind cats and opened a shelter for handicapped animals. »

At home, the couple did everything possible to secure the environment and make life easier for this survivor. Her favorite pastime? Nestling at the top of the stairs and “monitoring” what was going on in the room below. ” Of course she couldn’t see a thing, but that was her way of participatingsaid Chantal, today she is deceased, but she is still in our hearts. We cannot forget it. »

Do you know the Hill’s brand?

“My passage on this planet serves to soften a little the life of these poor animals”

Years later, the spirit of mona-lisa always hovers above the hearth. Despite the torment she had endured, the cat showed no signs of resentment or aggression. ” She was not unhappy and adapted to her blindness so quickly, that I was in awetold Chantal to the editorial team of Woopets, it was a great lesson for humans. »

A true source of inspiration, mona-lisa planted an important idea in the minds of its owners. The latter opened the doors of their refuge, Assist’Animaux, about twenty years ago.

Cats, dogs, ponies, goats, pigs and other creatures take advantage of the 3,000 meters which are entirely dedicated to them. At present, nearly 95 boarders, the majority of whom have a disability, are pampered on a daily basis.

It’s 16 hours of work a day. I haven’t taken a vacation since 1998, 24 yearsentrusted to us Chantal laughing, I would say in all modesty that my passage on this planet serves to soften the life of these poor animals a little. »

animals, like grisouille, each of which has a story to tell. Thrown in a trash can, she was found hanged and she had a bullet in her spine, which left her paralyzed “.

As mona-lisa, grisouille and others battered by life have set foot on this providential land, where they have been accepted as they are.

This haven of peace allows them to live decently and to experience true love. Assist’Animaux gives them a second wind.

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Photo credits: Chantal Thomas / Assist’Animaux