They adopt a Pitbull that no one wanted because he was ugly and old…

Many purebred dogs end up living on the streets, like Wally, a Pitbull, who was saved by an animal foundation; the poor dog was sick and was about 10 years old. Although he arrived at the shelter with a happy spirit, as the days passed he began to wither away, as if he knew no one wanted him because of his appearance. It was thanks to the rescuers who made his story known that he was able to have a home to spend his last days.

They adopt a Pitbull that no one wanted

There’s always a chance for a fresh start and Wally, even though he was an old dog, never gave up hope of having a family. However, when he was rescued from the streets, no one wanted him because he was ” ugly“.

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Unfortunately, many people who adopt dogs are interested in their appearance and even seek out young canines, and older ones are left behind. Wally is a Pitbull dog with a tumultuous past; he had a difficult life, lived on the streets, we don’t know if he had a family, but he was alone.

He had a nice personality, but he was just despised by everyone. The dog was first brought to the animal shelter in Islip Town, Long Island, New York. He was wandering and was almost 10 years old. He had a few health issues, including a skin infection and blindness in one eye, according to The Dodo.

All this gave to poor Wally an appearance which, according to the shelter, scared away potential adopters. However, despite his condition, this dog had a cheerful spirit, full of love to give, and so he became a much-loved dog at the shelter. Everyone knew he deserved a chance to be loved. Months passed and they saw that Wally was getting worse and worse, so they shared his story on social media.

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A second chance for Wally

This is how Jen, a protector of Pitbull canines, reached out to the Stand Up Pits Foundation in 2020 to promote the adoption of one of the dogs they loved most at the shelter. Wally no longer had the same character, and even his life at the shelter took a hit, he needed a home where he would be loved, unique and would receive the love he so deserved.

“He is a bit of a favorite with dads and volunteers. I’m afraid shelter life is starting to take its toll on his mind, as it does with any dog. »

Thus, one month after the publication of this article, the operation was crowned with success and the amazing Wally was adopted by a family they described as ” perfect for this beautiful dog to spend his last days with her.

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