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They are on break during a shoot

A documentary series on Netflix captured some exceptional footage.

On April 13, the documentary series Our Great National Parks was released on Netflix in 5 episodes. The voiceover of the documentary is none other than that of Barack Obama, the former president of the United States.

Animals in their natural habitat

The documentary series explores national parks on five different continents, such as Tsavo National Park in Kenya, Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia, Chilean Patagonia, and more.

The documentary of course highlights the animals that live in the parks, their natural habitat.

When the documentary crews traveled to southern Chile, they were hoping for the chance to film a Kodkod (also called Guigna), the smallest species of wild cat in the Americas.

This cat lives in the center and south of Chile and it is very rare to see it, because it lives in the middle of very dense forests.

An impromptu guest

But one day, while the documentary team was having breakfast, a kodkod entered directly into the area of ​​their camp!

They immediately turned on their cameras to film the kodkod from a distance. The images are exceptional and show the small animal evolving in its natural environment.

Barack Obama also explains in the video extract below that kodkods are even smaller than domestic cats. Fascinating !

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