They fight to save a cat stuck in a tree for 2 days

Nobody knows where this black feline came from, sat high in a tree for 48 hours. In his despair, he could happily count on the momentum of solidarity created on dry land, thanks to benevolent people.


The accident of Lightning took place in the city Holyokein the state Massachusetts to United States, June last year. As reported WWLPthe cat got stuck in a tree without anyone knowing how or being able to help him.

The place where he was was inaccessible

His rescue would require greater resources. Kelly and Lisa2 residents, wanted to put an end to his ordeal by asking for help through a group Facebook local, named after Hey Holyoke!!! Community forum.

Illustration of the article: They fight to save a cat stuck for 2 days in a tree

And they were right in that, as an internet user will suggest to contact them Holyoke Gas & Electric, a city business. By doing this, the cat’s nightmare would finally come to an end.

A story that ends well

The technicians went to the scene and were able to bring the black cat back to dry land using their bucket truck. This gesture earned them many thanks on social networks. ” Thanks for bringing the cat back from the tree, guys. You are cool ! » expressed himself Lisa on the group Facebook.

Illustration of the article: They fight to save a cat stuck for 2 days in a tree

If the cat was safe, he was still exhausted and hungry. It is, by the way Lisa who cared for it, fed it and then hydrated it until it found its owners. Meanwhile, she made sure to ensure her presence by his side while he recovered from his emotions.

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