They hear noises under their garden shed

In the Bronx district of New York, a couple made a great discovery in their garden.

A mother cat had taken refuge under a garden shed to bring her 3 kittens to safety.

She targets the right shelter

When the couple discovered the mother cat and her babies, they moved the whole little family to keep them warm.

They then fed the cat and at the same time contacted the rescuers of the Little Wanderers NYC association, based in New York.

The couple offered to bring the cats themselves to the shelter and the rescuers thanked them for taking care of the mother cat and the cubs.

The cat trusts them

Once in her new foster home, the mother cat walked around the place before giving her approval. She really appreciated the food served and the fact that everyone was very attentive to her.

The cat watched the rescuers carefully as they examined the little kittens to make sure all was well. They were all a good weight and had no infections.

After wandering the streets of New York, the mother cat can finally relax. Her kittens are growing well and gaining strength.

The whole little family is now safe and will be available for adoption in the coming months.

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