They leave their baby next to their dog, what happens next gives goosebumps (Video)

A video not to be missed.

Leaving a baby next to a dog is not necessarily a good idea because it involves significant risks. But sometimes it gives us unforgettable scenes. This is the case of this video showing a baby and an adorable Husky breed dog.

a nice moment

When the video begins, we can see the baby awkwardly approaching the doggie who seems to ignore him a little at first. Far from giving up, the toddler touches the dog, with all the awkwardness of his age, and jostles him a little. This is where the pooch turns on his back and starts licking it, while snuggling up against this little human.

A joyful and sweet meeting, as we like them! A beautiful moment of unconditional and pure love. In short, the ideal video to spend a good day.

Remember, however, that a child should never be left alone in the presence of an animal, as this could have dramatic consequences. Adult presence and constant supervision is required.

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