they missed their trial because of their stupidity

They are not afraid or ashamed of anything. These bandits are supposed to be the kings of lies and cheating, but they have been betrayed by their stupidity. In the courts of France and elsewhere, they were at the origin of pearls which remain in the annals thanks to their overflowing imagination when they had to justify themselves.

Among them, a high school student who gave a middle finger to a police officer, a municipal police chief who is asking for his dismissal to be canceled for having watched several hours of pornographic videos every day, or even a criminal who bragged about his crime on social media.

To savor this blooper of the courts, Sidonie Bonnec receives Alain Bauer, professor of criminology at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts. He publishes the book History’s dumbest criminals in court at First editions.

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