“they see with their heart”

Kittens: Three siblings deprived of the sense of sight are the protagonists of this story of love and compassion. Meadow and Little Willow are the felines who are cared for by their brother Blue, who never leaves them.

But the real meeting that embellishes this story is that of a nice woman named Catherine Magno who decided to adopt them and give them a forever home. The reason for the vision loss was a health problem that was not taken care of in time.

The three kittens needed love and human help.

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“I had no experience having adopted my first rescued kitten a few months before. But her story touched my heart so much.”, said this extraordinary woman.

Catherin said caring for the three cats in such conditions would be a challenge, but she would definitely rise to it, because she understands that all animals deserve a chance, whatever their condition.

Catherin assures us that animals without the sense of sight look with their hearts; words that describe very well his feelings about the behavior of felines. Catherine pointed out that the feline siblings were on their own, alone and abandoned.

She also notes that these adorable cats have lost their sense of life due to a health problem that was not treated in time by their previous owner.

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“Big brother Blue was taken in by his former master’s neighbor, but he whined all night looking for his sisters, so he was returned. Her story touched my heart so much. » mentions the new mother of three beautiful kittens.

“That afternoon when I brought them home, I had to keep them…inside my apartment,” Catherine said with a smile on her face.

“I was afraid though that the articles I was reading about caring for blind pets were great. My perception was that it would be a challenge. But they quickly learned to find their way around my apartment and memorized the location of each piece of furniture,” add the wife with a hint of surprise.

Catherin says sighted cats are no different from normal cats at all, as they play, run and feed in the same way. In addition, they are able to develop their other senses, which allows them to make the situation more pleasant.

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“They each have their own personality. But just as affectionate and eager to be by your side at all times”, emphasizes Catherinewhich insists that cats all actually have different personalities.

“With a good introduction, they get along just as well with other cats as they do with sighted cats. I wanted to raise awareness that they really are like any other cat. And it’s true what they say about blind pets: they see through their hearts.“, Catherine said.

Although this touching story is from 2014, it definitely demonstrates that there are still great people willing to give a little of their time to improve the lives of animals who really need it.

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