‘They’re still very scared’: This French player’s pit bull kills an elderly couple’s dog


Theo Hernandez will have to defend himself in court. The French international of AC Milan is indeed targeted by a complaint as explained by the newspaper La Provicina di Como. In reality, it is his dog, a pitbull, who poses a problem in this case.

Indeed, the latter killed another dog by biting it violently. The scene would have taken place after the opening of the portico of the player’s house. The dog would then have darkened in the direction of another canine, walked on a leash by an elderly couple (74 and 80 years old). Patrizia Gini, the couple’s niece, revealed that the animal bit her “opponent” to death. The woman was even hospitalized in shock. “They are still very afraid”confirmed Patrizia.

A complaint has therefore been filed against the player, who will now have to defend himself.

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