This adorable cat has the chubbiest cheeks you’ve ever seen, her photos will make you happy!

Who doesn’t love seeing pictures of chubby, cute, plush-like cats? That’s why when we saw this adorable chubby-cheeked cat ever, at Animals Dearest, we couldn’t help but share her adorable photos with you.

Fen Fen, such is the name of this feline, is a Persian cat with short hair and chubby cheeks, it belongs to a young girl from Shanghai.


A cat with the plumpest and most charming cheeks

The girl shared photos and videos of this cat on social networks. On her Instagram account, she managed to captivate many people with the beauty of Fen Fen.

Don’t Think This Fluffy Cat Is Overweight, He Really Is A elegant feline. Many pet owners in Asia often style their dogs and cats in such a way that their haircut makes them look undeniably cute and fluffy.

His particular haircut makes him look chubby, he is certainly a very special cat. We’re sure he’s getting all the celebrity care.


Fen Fen is undoubtedly an irresistible kitten, and his huge cheeks never go unnoticed.

Here are some curiosities about the Persian cat:

– The Persian cat has the longest coat among existing cat breeds, which involves a lot of work. It must be combed every day, it must be cared for with special treatments and, above all, it must be taken from time to time to specialized groomers.

– An aristocratic past. Due to its appearance, this breed has been associated with wealth and aristocracy. Victoria of England, for example, was completely in love with the Persians.


– They can live between 15 and 20 years, and although they differ by their good health, they are predisposed to polycystic kidney disease.

– They are very sleepy. They generally sleep between twelve and sixteen hours a day at a minimum.

– They are not stray animals and they prefer to stay quietly at home. They are characterized by being more dependent on their owners than other breeds.

– They are the most cuddly and calm cats on the planet, which makes them a perfect pet.

– They are prone to obesity. Persian cats are prone to gaining weight, primarily due to their calm nature and love of sleep and being pampered. This is why it is very important to control their diet, especially after sterilization.

-The Persian cat arrived in America in the 19th century century from Europe, and since then it has gradually become the most famous cat in the world. Although this breed came to the United States from Europe, its country of origin was ancient Persia, what we know today as Iran. While it’s true that her flat nose isn’t always a hit, pretty much everyone ends up admiring her character.

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