this application to install the Google Play Store actually hides malware, remove it!

Since it is possible to run Android applications on Windows 11, applications facilitating the process are multiplying. Some, however, are not as benevolent as they claim. This is particularly the case with Windows Toolbox, which actually contains malware that executes malicious scripts and spy on the infected PC.

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If Windows 11 was not the expected revolution, the operating system nevertheless has a major argument: the possibility of run Android apps. The functionality was certainly a bit long overdue, but it is now definitely there. However, users must for the time being content with the Amazon AppStore. But, like every limitation on PC, there is a solution to circumvent it.

Thus, several unofficial applications make it possible to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11 and, by extension, the Android applications that it hosts. It remains to choose with caution among the slew of proposals, because the risk of being infect with malware is never far away. New evidence, spotted by our colleagues at Bleeping Computer, confirms this rule. Today it is the utility named Windows Toolbox.

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Beware of this fake Windows 11 app, it’s a trap

Published on Github, the latter already has many downloads to its credit. It has now been removed from the platform, but the damage is already done. According to Bleeping Computer, Windows Toolbow actually installs malicious Chrome extensions and executes scripts capable of scheduling tasks and preventing other processes from occurring.

Added to this is the creation of a “systemfile” folder which contains the profiles copied from Chrome, Edge and Brave for recover the victim’s personal data. For example, the user’s location information can be found there. Finally, when trying to visit the WhatsApp site, the victim is redirected to malicious sites that attempt to scam them.

Faced with this very real threat, we advise you towait a bit before to throw you towards unofficial applications to install the Google Play Store. According to the various betas deployed by Microsoft, it should not take long to arrive on our PCs. Until then, there are other solutions to install APKs of Android apps.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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