This atypically furry cat is impressing the internet

Videos featuring Ashfur, an outlandish-looking cat, are always causing a stir on TikTok. If he leads a feline life like the others, his coat is quite unique, especially with regard to his face. So much so that he is often compared to the Phantom of the Opera.

Published in 1910 by Gaston Lerouxthe novel The Phantom of the Opera has inspired many works, one of the most famous of which is the musical The Phantom of the Opera in 1986.

If, in the original story, the protagonist is a mysterious character with a deformed face, haunting the basements of the opera, the theatrical version ofAndrew Lloyd Webber depicts a man wearing a mask.

It is in reference to the latter that a magnificent cat with a coat whose appearance is out of the ordinary is nicknamed the Phantom of the Operareports Newsweek. Moreover, its owner uses on TikTok a pseudonym constructed from a play on words combining the name of said character and the word purr in English: ” phantomoftheopurra “.

It is on this social network that she discovered the animal and revealed it to a wide audience. The first videos showing Ashfur – that’s his name – and posted in 2021 quickly went viral, so unusual is his appearance.

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phantomoftheopurra / TikTok

Ashfur has, in fact, a “mask” split in 2: half of the face is tortoiseshell type, while the other is white.

The one-year-old cat living in California doesn’t care. He leads a normal and happy life with his mistress, named Erieand its congeners.


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? Phantom Of The Opera – Dominique Oyston & Jonathan Morton

“Fever coat” and vitiligo are the cause of its appearance

Erie explains that when she adopted him as a very young kitten, he didn’t look that way at all. His coat evolved over weeks and months due to a phenomenon called “fever coat” and vitiligo.

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The fever coat takes place during the pregnancy of the female cat, which is either ill or under stress. As for vitiligo, it corresponds to a depigmentation which has no effect on the health or well-being of the animal.

Ashfur does not therefore suffer from it, and its particularity even earns it to be very popular. Even if, as explained above, it changes absolutely nothing for him.


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