This cat speaks genuinely and asks his mistress “how are you?” (Video)

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published by Camille Lepeintre on May 08, 2022 at 8:30 am

We knew the cats were smart but this is a “level” still above! The TikTok user @chakacoon released a video of her cat, a Maine Coon, which is endowed with speech. And no, it’s not a joke. In the video that you can see below, the animal asks its owner a question and it’s just amazing.

“How are you? », this cat makes the buzz by talking

On TikTok, animals are real stars! We think in particular of Nalaa dog with her own bedroom in the family home, who had recently the buzz. Today, it’s another ball of fur that amuses the web. And it is rather unusual! The TikTok user @chakacoon possesses a Maine Coon a bit atypical. Indeed, the latter is able to ask him how he is. In the video shared last April, her cat can be heard saying to her, “ How are you? » (How are you ? in French). We advise you to watch the video several times, you will see that there is no mistaking it.

The Maine Coon being a breed of cats particularly intelligent, we had already introduced you to Kefir, one year old and a real star on Instagram, it is not surprising that an animal can repeat vocally what its owner dictates to it. Regarding the video, Internet users are divided. We don’t know if the cat meant ” I love you ” Where ” How are you ? » . One thing is certain, he wanted to communicate with his owner.

Internet users can’t believe it

With 134.1K agoodmany netizens commented the vocal feat Maine Coon. ” Yes, he really talks confirms @Teresa Sutton787. Others find a way to make fun of his French accent: It was definitely a debate about the French accent ” , Explain @Adam. The owner herself replied: LOL! Or did he also discover the French personality?! » .

Finally, on his side, @Amy O’Connoris like us: I could watch this over and over and over again. He is magnificent » . Seriously, who hasn’t dreamed of having a real chat with their fellow traveler? Some already marry their cat, so imagine?

@chakacoon Day 147 of arguing with a Maine Coon #chakacoon #mainecooncats #mainecoonkitten #мейнкун #talkingcats #catnoises #petsoftiktok #catlady #catadvice ♬ original sound – ChakaCoon
@chakacoon Talking Maine Coons #chakacoon #mainecooncat #mainecoonkitten #talkingcats #catnoises #fluffycat #мейнкун #SmellLikeIrishSpring ♬ original sound – ChakaCoon

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