This dog always stays by her owner’s side for her safety and restores her confidence in life

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As she sank into despair and isolation due to illness, a young British woman was able to see the end of the tunnel thanks to her medical assistance dog. Everything has changed in her life since Olive’s arrival.

I have the perfect dog by my side and my life has never been better. I wouldn’t change a thing “. These lyrics are from Fay Butlera 27-year-old woman living in Basingstokeabout sixty kilometers west of London. The dog in question is, in fact, a female dog. This is a Labrador Retriever cross by the name ofOlive.

She was specifically trained to prevent Fay Butler when she is about to lose consciousness. His mistress then has time to sit down and get to safety in anticipation of a fall, reports the Mirror.

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Fay Butler was an active and happy teenager, until one day she suddenly collapsed. Episodes of great fatigue and fainting had become frequent since, as had his admissions to the emergency room. His daily life became more and more difficult.

The examinations had revealed that she had postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), corresponding to an abnormal increase in heart rate occurring during passages to sitting and standing positions. She also suffered from gastroparesis, a chronic gastric disease.

Fay Butler couldn’t go out alone. She isolated herself little by little and lost confidence in herself and in life. She couldn’t even tie her shoelaces or lose consciousness.

Olive brought her back to life

In 2018, she heard about the organization Medical Detection Dogs, which trains medical assistance and detection dogs. She then met Oliveand it was love at first sight.

She had to wait, however, because there was the Covid pandemic. Then, in March 2021, Fay Butler and Olive could finally be together forever.

“I remember how comfortable she made me. I had no anxiety about being in public. This wave of relief washed over me “says the young woman. The dog calms and reassures her. It allowed her to regain the autonomy and social life she had lost.

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Medical Detection Dogs / Facebook

It’s like Olive has always been with usshe continues. Like she’s the missing piece of a puzzle that’s now complete “. NowFay Butler can look to the future with hope and serenity thanks to his 4-legged friend.


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