This dog bids a moving and poignant farewell to her pup before he was adopted

The moving farewell of a female dog and her puppy sets the hearts of many people racing. The number of offspring a dog can have in its lifetime varies depending on its breed and size.

This female dog has had the hardest goodbye.


It is difficult for one person to keep all the puppies in a litter; it is why adoption is always recommended, so that all puppies have a better life.

A dog who lives off the love and generosity of students at Zhengzhou University in Henan Province (China) was filmed as she said goodbye to one of her puppies.

His watery eyes make everyone cry.

female dog

A young girl on a motorbike picked up a puppy to give him a better life than he could have hoped for on the streets, and it seems the dog and her little one understood what was going on very well.

When the dog saw in the distance the young girl who had come to get her little one, she then approached her little one for him. say one last goodbye.

female dog

The young girl, moved, decides to bring the baby to the mother so that she can say goodbye to him in due form and the scene is heartbreaking. The sparkling eyes of the dog reflect the sad feelings of the mother saying goodbye to her baby.

The girl on the motorbike and the person filming get carried away by the emotion of the scene, and one of them remarks that the puppy also seems to understand what’s going on.


The young woman was not wrong, because it was the dog’s twelfth puppy that was adopted. Somehow, she had known this pain before.

“I have the impression that she has already seen her puppies leave several times”, says the person filming this moving scene.Four times and then seven. This is the twelfth puppy”answers the young woman who adopts the puppy.

One of the young women in the video also says she thinks the puppy shouldn’t be separated from its mother. Indeed, it’s a common sentiment among all who watch the video.


It’s easy for some people to believe that animals don’t understand or feel when separated from their young, but this dog completely disproves that theory.

When the girl approaches the puppy one last time to her mother, she immediately begins to sniff and kiss her. It is the last physical contact with the being to whom she has given life and she makes the most of it.


In these kisses, the female dog gives up part of her life. But, as if this moment weren’t emotional enough, she separates herself from the puppy and decides to leave.


What a heartbreaking pain for this mother, who has to leave her baby in the hands of a stranger, but the dog seems to understand that this is the best option.

The dog leaves, probably heartbroken, and that’s the end of the video that has moved everyone so much on social networks.


May this story make us reflect and protect these dogs who need us so much. This dog has clearly shown that her heart contains feelings like any other human being.

The female dog will go on her way, knowing that she did her best for her little one.

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