This dog’s unexpected behavior during a photoshoot creates a funny and unforgettable wedding memory! (Video)

Since dogs often represent full members of the family, some couples do not hesitate to invite them on their wedding day. Jax had this chance and marked this very special day during the photo shoot.

During the month of April, Alex Simon was the official photographer and videographer of a wedding, at which a dog named Jax was invited. The professional had the idea of ​​capturing images in a bucolic landscape. The groom and the groomsmen posed proudly in front of a lake surrounded by greenery.

The photo session could have gone smoothly, until the animal, supposed to be present in the photos, suddenly left the ranks. The hairball ran in the direction of the body of water, reports an article from the Dodo published on April 9, 2022.


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? Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

A fun and unforgettable memory

Apparently, Jax wanted a good swim. For him, that was partying! Faced with this unexpected behavior, one of the groomsmen decided to follow suit. He chased the dog, which was determined to have fun rather than play muse for the photographer! This unusual scene caused general hilarity in the park.

The video having immortalized these few comical seconds was published on TikTok, where it met with great success. Over 6.7 million people have viewed it, and 890,000 likes have been received to date. The rascal has become a real little star on the Internet! In another clip, we can see the groom, all smiles, returning with his furry friend.


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? original sound – The Boyces?

Although the sitting had to be suspended while Jax fled, the ceremony went well. The dog made this day even more memorable! There is no doubt that the 2 lovebirds will still laugh about it in a few years, when they will contemplate the photos of their wedding.

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