This drawing by Joann Sfar sums up what many French people think

POLITICS – Le Pen is no. At least, for Joann Sfar. Sunday April 10 after the results, the comic book author shared a series of sketches to affirm his wish to block the far-right candidate, drawings that are likely to speak to many French people the day after the first round.

“Since I have the right to vote, I have been asked to vote for idiots in order to beat Le Pen. I will continue. Le Pen, c’est non”, breathes a character, whose features are reminiscent of those of the designer.

In another box, he adds: “When I had the right to vote, I was appalled that so many of our compatriots voted for Le Pen. Thirty years later, my anger is the same. Le Pen is no.”

This Sunday, Emmanuel Macron came out on top with 27.6% of the vote ahead of Marine Le Pen (23.4%). Jean-Luc Mélenchon collected 21.9%, far ahead of Éric Zemmour (7%), Valérie Pécresse (4.8%) and Yannick Jadot (4.5%). As a result, in the second round, many left-wing voters will have to vote without enthusiasm for a candidate who will prevent them from having the far right in power. Like in 2002 and 2017.

The comments on Instagram next to Joann Sfar’s drawings can attest to this. “I turned 18 in 2002, writes a user. So that’s exactly what I’m thinking today.” Another netizen continues: “Here you go. But it hurts. I would like to vote FOR rather than AGAINST. And then also that Macron take into account the scores of the left rather than the right for his future policy. There you go…” Others, on the contrary, can’t take it anymore. “Fed up. For me it will be white. Between the horror, and the foutage of mouth … It is not”, counterbalances one of the subscribers of the cartoonist. Voters have two weeks to decide.

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