This funny reaction of the cat when he sees his master pretending to eat in his bowl

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. In fact, people always tend to choose the cat as a pet or rather as a man’s best friend. Although dogs always have been considered our best friends,stats have proven that not everyone prefers canines.

Some people may be surprised, but some factors to consider become quite obvious. First of all, cats are much smaller than dogs. They are therefore easier to live in an apartment or a house.

Cats are also much more independent than dogs and are therefore quite easy to care for. Another important factor is that they don’t have to be potty trained, unlike dogs,

Whether hiding behind an object or chasing a mouse, felines act like their feline cousins ​​in the wild. These behaviors make him a lot of fun to play with them. Laser pointers, fake meows, and dangling objects elicit hilarious reactions from them.

Here we will show you a lovely video gone viral. A man puts food on his cat’s plate and tricks her into thinking he’s eating her food. As the cat puts his paw on the plate, he pulls it towards him thinking that his master was going to leave him hungry and that he was going to eat all his kibble. Its owner found this scene very funny and of course you can see a strong bond between the cat and the human.

Video: Cat’s amused reaction when his owner pretends to eat from his food bowl

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