This giant vegetated bridge will allow animals to cross the highway

A huge overpass will soon be built over a highway in California (United States). Work is due to begin in Santa Monica on April 22, reports The Guardian relayed by West France.

It will be the largest vegetated bridge for animals in the world. 64 m high and 50 meters wide, this “ecoduct” will allow wildlife to safely cross the 2×5 lane US101 highway that connects northern and southern California. Thus, the felines, snakes, deer, coyotes and lizards of the region will be able to move freely and without taking any risks.

A $90 million project.

This type of work is not new. In France, many toads already exist to allow amphibians to cross safely. But the Californian structure, which will be completed in 2025, will be distinguished by its entirely vegetated coating, supposed to promote the well-being of animals.

The bridge will also be exclusively reserved for animals. Guards should even be posted nearby to prevent walkers from venturing there. The cost of the project is estimated at 90 million dollars (approximately 83 million euros). 60% of the budget was covered by private donations, specifies West France.

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