This Google feature was designed for iPhone users

Google wants to make life even easier for iOS users if they switch to Android.

Apple and Google have been waging a merciless war in the world of smartphones for years. Outrageously dominating the mobile phone operating system market with iOS and Android, the two Silicon Valley giants are therefore seeking to fight each other.

In order to attract more and more users to join one of the two systems, the Cupertino and Menlo Park teams are working to make the switch ever easier. It is now possible to transfer all the data from one iPhone to another quite simply, a feature that makes sense when buying a new phone. A system that also exists on Android with Google Drive playing a central role here.

While the solutions for staying on the same OS when changing smartphones are quite numerous and well developed, the functionalities allowing the switch are little or not at all encouraged by Google and Apple who fear that this novelty will cause them to lose users. , more than it earns them.

Google wants to bring you back to Android

A complicated calculation for both companies, but Google seems to have made a winning choice on this issue. Aware of the public present under iOS, and the immense size of this market, the Menlo Park firm is now seeking to seduce them. Indeed, Google has just launched a brand new feature “Switch to android” (switch to android in good French).

With this novelty Google seeks to attract iOS users and make their lives easier once they have moved to Android. Because a change of operating system on his smartphone is not a trivial gesture and it requires a lot of effort from the user who must get used to an ecosystem very different from his.

Google wants to seduce in Apple territory

Google hopes that this feature, which already existed in the form of a website, can attract iOS users to go to the much freer Android, and the very many overlays that may exist whether at Samsung, Xiaomi or even Oppo.

Launched for the moment in the United States and in several English-speaking countries (it should arrive in France in the coming weeks) the Switch to Android application should become a reference for all people who have just crossed the Rubicon from iOS to Android, as we were able to do during our “Switch from iOS to Android” test.

The Apple also makes it possible to switch

As we said earlier, Apple is also working on a similar feature, which would allow Android users to make the jump to iOS. With the “Move to iOS” application, Apple provides very simple solutions for transferring data directly to your phone, and as Google offers with “Switch to Android”, everything is done wirelessly.

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