This horse stole all the limelight during a photo shoot, the shots are sublime!

One of the most memorable events for couples is when they decide to add a new member to their family. So, reflecting the whole process of motherhood in photographs is something quite common around the world. This is how this couple wanted to take souvenir photos of Amanda’s pregnancy.

The couple’s photographer, Kristen Zaffiro, agreed without hesitation, not imagining that someone unexpected would be the focus of the shoot.

© Facebook / Photography by Kristen

This horse stole all the show during a photoshoot

One of the couple’s horses, named Buckshot, seemed to be aware of the event. So he jumped at the chance and took advantage of each photo to steal the star to the couple.

While his four-legged friends remained in the background of the photo, the horse Buckshot thus posed with family. Amanda and Phil weren’t alarmed, as their horses are pretty calm, but posed laughing with the animal.

© Facebook / Photography by Kristen

Kristen, who didn’t stop her work to capture the essence of the moment, invited the animal to smile, because she saw him so determined that she didn’t want to remove him from the frame. The curious Buckshot, as if he understood her, then made all sorts of faces at the camera.

Everyone present couldn’t help laughing given the remarkable participation of the horse. Buckshot’s hilarious intervention brought smiles not only to the happy couplebut also to all those who had the chance to see the incredible photos taken by Kristen.

Although Amanda and Phil’s endearing maternity photo shoot didn’t go as planned, thehe result did not disappoint at all. horse

© Facebook / Photography by Kristen

It is easy to deduce that the new little member of the family will be able to enjoy a few days in the countryside without ever getting bored with the presence of the couple’s horses and especially Buckshot, who will make him laugh out loud.

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