“This is not an isolated case” according to his lawyer


The prefect of police of Paris Didier Lallement seized the IGPN after the broadcast of a recording in which a police officer insults an alleged victim of sexual assault several times. By trying to contact her again by telephone after her complaint on February 5 and thinking that she had hung up, this peacekeeper from the police station of the 5th and 6th arrondissements of Paris copiously insulted her on her voicemail, repeatedly calling her “bitch”.

“We don’t even know who she’s talking about. She doesn’t make sense, her complaint. Obviously, she refuses confrontation and more, the whore. As if by chance. In fact, it was just to break his balls . Big whore”, launches the police officer in a recording revealed by Mediapart.

“It is unfortunately a daily reality for women who are victims of sexual assault or domestic violence”, laments this Wednesday on RMC Arié Alimi, the lawyer for the complainant, a 34-year-old teacher. “A judicial procedure is difficult for the accused and the victim but it must be egalitarian. The problem is that for the victims of sexual violence, there is an asymmetry which comes from the patriarchal and virilistic culture of justice and the police,” he added. A “patriarchal and virilistic” culture that he considers to find in this case, while in the recording, “no one stops the policeman to tell him not to say such words”.

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“There is not enough training”

Arié Alimi deplores the insufficient training of police officers in the handling of complaints of sexual violence, despite the implementation of a training plan for listening to and collecting the words of victims, launched by the government in 2019 after a Grenelle dedicated. “There is not enough training, it is not an isolated case. It is the daily life of all the women who come to lodge a complaint. When they arrive, they are still asked if they were wearing a skirt. If they have been drinking, they are offered to go to a sobering-up cell”, recalls the lawyer.

Regarding the victim of insults, Arié Alimi assures that the filing of a complaint was made in good conditions, deploring however “a poorly drafted complaint”. “The official may be tired taking a complaint late at night, but we still see the guilt mechanism which is too frequent,” he adds.

After the revelation of the affair, the Minister Delegate for Citizenship Marlène Schiappa condemned “unspeakable” remarks, said she was “furious” and asked for “very severe sanctions” at the microphone of BFMTV. Sanctions which Arié Alimi doubts, however. “The prefecture has requested a precautionary suspension, which is not a sanction. This means that he is temporarily suspended for the duration of a possible procedure”, laments the lawyer.

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