This is what your cat is telling you when it meows and purrs

Until proven otherwise, cats do not talk. Thus, to try to better understand the needs and feelings of our favorite fur ball, you have to know how to decipher its behavior. We explain everything to you in this article.

Credit: Mammaiya/Pixabay

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Purrs, repeated meows, cries, peregrinations around you, caresses, postures… So many behaviors and habits of your cat that mean much more than you might think at first sight.

According to veterinarians and animal behavior specialists, all these actions and gestures that may seem harmless, are in fact the means of expression of cats. It is then up to us to decipher it to better understand it and/or meet its expectations.

Decipher your cat’s behavior

Credit: JACLOU-DL/Pixabay

No one can claim to understand animals better than others. However, thanks to certain behaviors, any cat owner can have access to a sufficient panel of gestures in order to be able to interpret their emotions.

Your cat strokes your head

For example, when your cat caresses your face in a friendly way (sometimes it’s your hands or your feet depending on your activity) with a little nod, it simply means that he loves you very much. With this gentle gesture, your cat shows you that it belongs to the family.

Your cat turns next to you

We find this same joyful feeling when your cat makes little turns while sitting next to you. He is not looking for his tail but does appreciate your company.

Your cat follows you everywhere

Do you think your cat is a pot of glue because it follows you everywhere? This means, just like when he spins around, that he really enjoys your company.

Your cat lies on its back

Credit: jdblack/Pixabay

You may have noticed that cats are quite lazy. During their 18 to 20 hour sleep day, cats sometimes take very comfortable positions. One of them, on her back, belly exposed. This very cute position that makes us want to caress her pink belly expresses her perfect confidence in you… in addition to feeling very very comfortable.

Your cat massages you

Sometimes your cat climbs on your legs and begins to massage you by exerting small pressures with its paws. This is his way of expressing all the affection he has for you.

Your cat makes sounds

In the absence of being able to speak, cats also emit sounds. By meowing, your cat may be drawing your attention to the fact that he is hungry, that he wants to go out or that he wants pets. When the meows get higher, or the sounds sound like growls, it indicates that he is scared.

Moans express anger, while chattering teeth, rarer, express frustration. Finally, purring, this restful noise, means that your cat is feeling good.

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