This kitten arrived sick at the shelter, but the hugs of the pig helped him to recover…

Kitten: The story of Marina, a kitten, and Laura, a pig, began at the Igualdad Interespecie sanctuary, in the city of Santiago de Chile. A place where we respect and protect the lives of all animals, without exception.


Since 2011, this shelter has made every effort to protect animals who suffer abuse from the food industry, but it also opens its doors to other domestic and livestock animals that have had to live through very sad situations.

This is the case of Laura, a little pig who was brought to the shelter after a group of animal activists from the NGO EligeVeganismo saved him from confinement on a farm for his entire existence.

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Since his birth, she was left there with her mother and a few siblings, but unfortunately all of them lost their lives, while she, a helpless and fragile baby, had to deal with the loss of her little tail and her teeth. Two inhuman practices practiced so that the animals do not bite their limbs and that, when they nurse, they do not hurt their mother, all this to have what they define as a ” product ” in good condition.

Marina, a kitten found by a passerby with only a few hours of life, also arrived in difficult conditions. Faced with the possibility of changing his fate, he decided to take him to the Equal Interspecies Sanctuary so that they could help him there.


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When Marina arrived at the institution, it was realized that her eyes appeared to have a serious problem, and due to the days she had spent on the streets without the care of her feline mother or a responsible adult , his state of health was worrying.

Immediately, the workers started fighting to save his life. The kitten clung to life, not even thinking that something twice as beautiful awaited it.

Little Marina gradually came back to life and the day after she arrived at the sanctuary she was a completely different kitten.

She then had the opportunity to meet Laura. This one who was still trembling with fear, because she was surrounded by unknown people who, according to her, would harm her, due to past experiences with human beings.

Seeing the condition of the pig, the kitten wanted to befriend her and so she got close enough to offer her paw, not knowing that it would be the piglet that would help her recover from her health problems.

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Despite their physical differences, the one thing Laura and Marina shared was their desire to grow up healthy and happy. So they worked for make their first years the best of their lives.

As the days passed, the friendship of these two females became evident to the shelter workers. So they took care to provide them with spaces in which they could strengthen their relationship.

Every day, Marina and Laura share more and more activities. It is thus usual to see them eating together and playing games, but in reality, what they appreciate the most are the long naps, during which they both feel accompanied by someone who really loves them. .

They are now enjoying a truly magnificent life, for which they are certainly grateful to have met their rescuers along the way.

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