In 2004, after moving to the Scottish town of Midlothian, British Kim Collier lost her cat Tilly. Despite her efforts to find her missing pet, including numerous posters, there has been no sign of Tilly. But after 17 years she was reunited with her owner.

Revisiting made possible thanks to a microchip

A possible meeting thanks to a microchip

You should actually know that Kim Collier always updated the cat’s microchip information and this despite two more moves which took place over the next 17 years. An application that was rewarded after a surprise call.

In March 2022, Kim Collier received a call from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). It is a charity whose purpose is to promote animal welfare in Scotland. So the SSPCA contacted her out of the blue to ask if she had a cat called Tilly. A question to which she replied: “I had one, a long time ago”.

However, the officer who called him later clarified that the cat was in the back of his van. He was told that too the cat’s microchip had made it possible to find its information (phone number, address, etc.). Information that left Kim Collier surprised and doubtful, as she mentioned in her interview with the Scottish tabloid Daily Record. According to her, it was a very strange feeling. His world was turned upside down, but in a good way.

According to the SSPCA, the cat Tilly was found in the same area where he disappeared 17 years ago. The organization had been contacted by a citizen who had seen the cat and who was concerned about his state of health. Take effect Tilly, who turns 20 this year, needed urgent medical attention.

The woman who found her said Tilly was skin and bones. In addition, the cat is currently receiving palliative treatment at a veterinary clinic because he has a bladder tumor and has reached the last years of his life. In any case, Kim Collier hopes to bring her home once she has regained her strength. So they can spend the last days of the chat together. Kim said that under no circumstances would she give up on Tilly.

She urged others who have lost pets to update their microchip information regularly. In addition, it educates the general public to be aware of potentially lost animals.

Why should you choose pet microchips?

pet microchip

Pet microchipping is currently an increasingly popular form of animal identification. It must be said that it can really help you find your cat or dog.

But many owners are still concerned about the concept of chipping their pets. To help you make an informed decision about microchipping your four-legged friend, here are the benefits:

  • She is unforgettable.
  • chipping your pet is a painless procedure.
  • the microchip has no need to be replaced.
  • the pet owner’s personal information is secure.