this man alerts the owners to a toxic plant!

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Shortly after a walk, a man saw worrying lesions appear on his dog’s skin. A toxic plant is said to be the cause of the blisters covering the muzzle and the eye of the canine. Its owner urges other owners to be careful and asks the authorities to report this danger.

Barry O’Connella retired soldier, was very worried about his dog Winston, but today, the latter seems to be doing a little better. The animal has lesions on its muzzle and above its left eye, most likely caused by a poisonous plant, reports Subway.

Barry O’Connell

The photos showing the blisters are impressive. For Barry O’Connell75 years old, the main suspect is the Caucasian Hogweed or Mantegazzi Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum). It is the sap of this tall plant that is photoxic; this means that this substance becomes toxic when it comes into contact with the skin and is exposed to sunlight.

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So maybe that’s what happened with Winston. The 4-year-old canine must have touched the sap of Giant Hogweed by chance on a walk not far from their home in Clacton-on-Seain Essex (England).

“Why are there no signs to warn people? »

We live in a popular seaside area. You imagine letting your dog or your kids out and then they bump into something like this and it’s over », says Barry O’Connell.

Barry O’Connell

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I just can’t understand why there is no signage to warn peoplecontinues the septuagenarian. Not to scare them, but to educate them “.

Winston was put on antibiotics. He must also wear a veterinary cone to prevent him from scratching his wounds and let them heal.

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