this new feature improves the readability of your messages

Good news ! This latest Google Chat feature now allows users to see when messages are deleted in a chat space…

Google Chat, a communication tool

Google Chat (formerly known as Google Hangouts Chat) primarily functioned as a more commercial version of consumer Hangouts. It is a secure communication tool designed to facilitate professional communications within the Google Workspace ecosystem. With Google Chat, teams:

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Google Chat is organized into rooms. Enter one of these rooms and you will notice that the focus is on discussions. The chat places each conversation in a thread allowing users to decide which conversations to subscribe to. The idea is that everyone only sees information that is relevant to them. But that might be an adjustment if you’re used to a more traditional chat room.

Google still hasn’t been able to have a fully-fledged Mail app as it keeps releasing, changing, and then removing various features over the years. But it looks like he’s now come up with Google Chat.

Indeed, he updated and brought new features to the app, so it looks like he could stick with it for now. The latest feature of the messaging app is not a major change, but can be very useful. It will show you when a message is deleted in the app.

What does Google Chat now offer?

You will now be able to see who is deleting their message in a wireless chat room (only). Concretely, when a user deletes a message in a threadless Google discussion space, a message and timestamp are added to the conversation indicating the deletion.

When a message has been deleted, the content will be replaced with a placeholder:

This should make it much easier to improve the flow and readability of a conversation. At the same time, everyone will be able to delete and clean up excessive speech or inappropriate remarks in situations where they can get a little out of control.

This update thus makes it easier to know who deleted a message and when, which improves the readability and progress of a conversation.

Deleting selected posts can only be applied to the user’s own comments and will not delete the main content that users originally linked to.

When you delete a message, all replies associated with it also disappear, but the original content will remain. Obviously, you will only be able to delete the messages that you have sent.

If you don’t want to delete the post or comment, you also have the option to edit it.

For delete a Google Chat message, select and press the delete button. You can also edit by choosing a post, tapping the “Edit” icon, and clicking “Update to save your changes.”

Note that you will only be able to perform either of these operations on a work or school chat account, as personal accounts do not have this feature.

The new feature ofgoogle chat timestamp is currently rolling out to users and should be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

All Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers will receive the update by default.

Source: Google

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