This poor dog has lived in the shelter for 365 days and he does not attract the attention of visitors (video)

For a year, Rocky had been desperately waiting for someone who would make him happy for the rest of his life. In an attempt to help him, members of the shelter where he was staying posted a heartbreaking video illustrating how he tried to get the attention of passers-by. This post would change everything…


It’s been a year rocky lives within the walls of Humane Society of Hamilton County, in the state of Indiana, USA. Due to changes in their personal lives, its owners could no longer care for it and therefore entrusted it to this shelter.

Alas, the crusader pit bull The 6-year-old will stay for many months at this location without ever attracting the attention of potential adopters, the paper reports Newsweek. The fact that he had to live in a home with no other animals and no children certainly made his adoption more difficult…

An everyday life characterized by despair

It was a real heartbreaker and also a source of misunderstanding for the shelter members. Pained by the story of this dog, who nevertheless had a lot of love to give, they published a video where we see him trying to attract the curiosity of passers-by.


Rocky wants to know why he can’t find a home. Can you help him? #SeeHerGreatness #OscarsAtHome #shelterdog #dogs

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rocky rejoices when he sees someone pass in front of him, stands up and wags his tail, but unfortunately the visitors do not seem to be interested in him. The video is so moving that it has been viewed by almost 50 million users TikTok.

The matter of rocky was now well known to the general public, but the volunteers will not stop there. Internet users also wanted to know the rest of the doggy’s adventures and hoped to learn good news about him.

Regularly, videos that illustrate rocky will then be published on the site TikTok of the shelter, show him games or open presents. Then the news gradually gets much better…


WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS! Rocky has found his home! #humanesociety #adoptdontshop #shelterdog #dog

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After a temporary placement with the family that went without a hitch, it’s great rocky definitely left the shelter! A result filled with happiness for this dog who was in dire need of love. Volunteers and internet users are happy to see him frolic towards better days.

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