This restaurant charges 30 cents for a bowl of water to its dog in the middle of a heat wave

Internet users are in shock. The client of a restaurant in Annecy has just had a very unpleasant experience. At a time when France is burning and when we are constantly doing prevention so that everyone is hydrated, this restaurateur knows no shame. He charges 30 cents per bowl of water tap for his client’s dog.

Of course, as we know, the pandemic has put catering professionals in the red. But how can you justify charging 30 cents for a simple bowl of water, for a dog, in the middle of a heat wave? Public opinion does not recover.

This restaurant customer pays 30 cents for a bowl of water for her dog, in the heat wave!

We can sometimes wonder if there is still a part of humanity somewhere. The heat is raging, the animals are suffering. In a civilized country, water is offered. Not for this restaurateur for whom there are no small profits! The dog’s mistress posted the receipt and Internet users, rightly, are rebelling to read “Doggy Bar, 30 cents”, as reported by the Wamiz site.

While most expressed their total disagreement with this restaurateur, others supported him. It remains to be seen if water for washing hands will be charged one day, or the flush, as one netizen put it. Fortunately, most restaurants offer free “Toutou Bar” spontaneously.

What the law says ?

According to the law, nothing prevents a restaurateur from charging for tap water. However, the consumer must be informed and not be surprised on the receipt. The professional in question says he wanted “ mark the occasion for a service rendered. Thus, according to him, he can pay his employees who serve, clear and wash the dog’s bowl. Of course, any service is paid for. But isn’t it an exaggeration to say that it takes staff and time to clean a water bowl? Our dogs drink in puddles and even in the toilets for the most daring. According to Internet users, the bad faith of this restaurant owner is in question.

However, despite this unfortunate experience, dogs and cats are the favorite animals of the French. In this period of heat wave which should not be the last, adopt the right gestures. Always go out with water for your dog, never during the hours when the sun is at its zenith and check that your dog always has water and shade!

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