This Varoise launches an application that could revolutionize adoption

If there’s one thing Chloé Fabiani can’t stand, it’s knowing that somewhere, behind bars, there’s a dog or a cat about to be euthanized because it hasn’t found an owner .

An entrepreneur specializing in technology, marketing and advertising, the 31-year-old Fréjusienne with a well-known surname among connoisseurs of the Roman city’s sports history (she is the daughter of the former captain of the French volleyball team Alain Fabiani ), has launched an application that can revolutionize adoption.

Her name is “Paaw” and has been active since the beginning of the year.

“Our country has a sad record, explains the young startup, who likes to declare that he regards his dog as his brother. France is the European country where we regret that most people have abandoned pets. Every day 400 of them end up being euthanized because they could not be adopted. During the imprisonment I wanted to give meaning to my life and I wanted to do something.”

A website called “responsive”

It was then that the idea for “Paaw” was born in the minds of Chloé and her staff.

Since January, the “web app” has been usable. It is actually a so-called “responsive” site that adapts to mobiles (whose full title is, which does not require downloading to your smartphone.

Images of animals scroll by on the screen. The user can filter the profiles of dogs and cats according to their geographical location, their lifestyle, their type of accommodation…

In its use, “Paaw” is much like a social animal network. But it wants to be the absolute opposite of the adoption regarding leboncoin.frwhere abuse is regularly reported.

Provides visibility to shelters

The advantage of “Paaw” is that it gives visibility to small shelters whose work (often carried out in absolute anonymity) is essential for animal welfare.

“In addition to the SPA, our country has about 4,000 associative sheltersexplains Chloé Fabiani. In a few days we should reach the bar of 800 registered associative shelters. We should reach 25% of the French market by the end of the year. We wanted to digitize a sector that was very archaic and it worked as in seven months we allowed more than 1,500 adoptions and our site traffic is doubling every month.”

According to the law, surrendering a domestic animal, tamed or kept in captivity, is punishable by 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000.


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