This video showing a dog calling her sister to order amused many Internet users

Let it be said: Paprika does not tolerate any misconduct, even less when it comes to her sister Nutmeg. This is what we can realize in a hilarious video shared on TikTok.

Paprika and nutmeg are 2 Labrador Retriever female dogs who adore each other, but that does not prevent the first from scolding her congener when she considers that she is not behaving properly.

Illustration of the article: This video showing a dog calling her sister to order amused many Internet users
paprikapub / TikTok

Just watch this video posted on TikTok end of 2021 and relayed by People to understand it. ” When your sister catches you misbehaving “, can we read in the caption of this sequence. Paprika is the female Labrador Retriever with a black coat. nutmeg has a sand-colored coat.

nutmeg however, was not committing a big mistake, strictly speaking. She had simply wanted to have a little fun with her bowl, and perhaps also mean to her masters that a extra kibble would not have been refused.

Paprika leaves nothing to pass!

Her bowl in her mouth, she left her comfortable basket to settle, with one leap, on the sofa as innocently as possible. But as she was about to lie down there quietly, Paprika, who has been following everything from the start, decided it was high time to get tough. She approached her sister and barked curtly at her to remind her of her duties. Surprise, nutmeg dropped his bowl.

A scene both touching and funny. Their owners also burst out laughing.

Here is the video in question, which has millions of views on TikTok :

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