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Book of Libécase

Naturalist contemplations with Henry Beston and John Lewis-Stempel, poetic conversations for Marielle Macé, three passionate books about volatile life.

His house stands alone on a ridge. He designed it himself, a neighbor and carpenters helped him build it. It consists of two rooms lined with windows. Ten. The “Forecastle» sits just seven meters above the high tide mark, ten meters from the North Atlantic by Eastham’s Great Beach on Cape Cod. For a whole year, the naturalist Harry Beston lived there, breaking his solitude only to get supplies or converse with the guards who patrol the night. The magic of bird migrations, the sheer force of the waves, the appearance of stars in the east, nocturnal storms, deadly shipwrecks, the flickering of the grass in summer… The House at the End of the Worldfirst published in 1928, has the same effect as the shell in which the sea is heard, this one with many birds. “The peninsula, from the ornithological point of view, is one of the most interesting in the world”, writes Beston. Ruddy turnstones, sanderlings, semipalmated plovers, bald eagles, red-breasted nuthatches… Their winged silhouettes parade, fly away from the pages of this book finally reissued, in the very beautiful Biophilia collection by Fabienne Raphoz which is celebrating its 10th anniversary . “You only truly know a bird if you have seen it in flight. […] Study your birds on the ground as much as you


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