Ticket. No, the Health Insurance does not seek to pick the pockets of Doubians

There is definitely no limit when it comes to scamming. The Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) can testify to this since it has suffered for several months from identity theft which is used to pick the pockets of uninformed policyholders.

Real-life messages are used for this “phishing” by asking for credit card numbers to “receive a refund or have a new vital card sent to you”. And the case is in the thieves’ bag.

No elements by email or SMS

The CPAM of Doubs has thus split a press release to recall a few rules and avoid worries. “Health Insurance never asks for the transmission by email or SMS of personal elements”, she recalls, “only exchanges via the Ameli account are secure”.

Another scam identified, the one aimed at accompanying (forgery) the creation of the Health space. “The tax number, the connection identifiers to connect are not requested by Health Insurance by telephone or email”, insists the CPAM there too. A call for caution that will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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