Tin. Looking for foster homes for border collie dogs

Laura Di Giacomo, a professional in charge of keeping and coaching dogs, is also a volunteer with the association “Les borders et nous”. It is in this context that she launched an urgent appeal for help: “We need foster families for these dogs. »

Before finding a permanent home for the dog

What does it consist of? “We recover these dogs, either after abandonment or after the death of a person, for example. We are then looking for a family who could recover the animal, for a limited time, before the final adoption by another family. The guard can last one, two or even three weeks. This is the time needed to find a permanent home, the time to check if the dog is chipped, vaccinated, etc. You have to have time to go for walks with the dog. The costs are covered. The families are not left alone, we support them,” testifies Laura.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more dropouts. This is why we are calling for help,” insists President Vincent Bauer.

Contact: 06 10 57 27 48, Vincent Bauer, president of the association “Les borders et nous”.

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