Tips and tricks to scare the birds away from the orchard and save your fruit harvest

When spring arrives, there is nothing more pleasant than going to pick a seasonal fruit in the orchard. But what a surprise to discover that someone has already enjoyed your harvest! In the following lines, we are going to offer you several natural remedies to scare birds away from the orchard naturally and in a harmless way.

In the garden, as in the orchard, it is above all necessary to know how to distinguish insectivorous birds from frugivorous birds. While the former would be welcome in the orchard, the latter would be sought to keep away, in order to preserve the harvest. Sparrows, chickadees, red-reds, goldfinches and swallows, for example, are among those passerines that would do nothing but good in the garden. Other specimens such as pigeons, crows, blackbirds and starlings, for example, could wreak real havoc in the orchard. In order to protect these apple trees, raspberries, cherry trees and the rest of the appetizing fruit trees, discover some natural but very effective remedies to sting right away.

The intruders in the orchard – the pigeon…

… the starling,

scare a bird out of its orchard idea to hunt starlings

… the blackbird

common blackbird how to scare birds away from your orchard

Audible/visual/olfactory bird scarers

Among the most common methods are those that stimulate the sense of smell, hearing and sight of the animals, in order to scare them away. Gas cannons, sound scarers and bird spikes aside, there are approaches that are much more natural. Moreover, instead of spending money on a tool or an anti-bird product, there are plenty of recycled objects that could serve you for the same purpose. Let’s see together the little tips and tricks to use without further delay.

Scare birds away with a plastic bottle

If you have accumulated colored plastic bottles at home, do not hesitate to reuse them. There is no need for great effort or too complex DIY. You can simply pierce the bottom and then cut it into strips going up to the collar. Open the strips outwards, so as to form a kind of wind turbine. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Give free rein to your imagination which would come up with a wide variety of ideas for recycling plastic bottles. The transparent bottles without color could quickly become scarecrows, when you draw some colored patterns on them. Otherwise, glass bottles are very suitable for wind chimes, which will scare birds away from their music.

Recycle a plastic bottle to make it a visual scarer

make a bird scarer out of a green plastic bottle

Bird repellent with essential oils

In addition to its multiple benefits on hair and skin, cade oil is also a very effective repellent. Its scent being hated by birds, it would be used in the orchard to drive away intruders. What you need to do is soak a cloth in the oil and hang it from a branch.

Cade oil based repellent

juniper berries and essential oil

Aluminum foil to scare away birds

Foil is one of those visual scarers that would keep birds away from its shimmering reflections. Once you have this, you only need to cut the aluminum foil into one or a few dozen strips (depending on the size of the tree/shrub). These must then cling to the branches of the trees where they would float in the wind and create the desired effect.

Paper strips keep fruit-eating birds away

homemade bird repellent idea aluminum foil strips on trees

Recycle and suspend old CDs

Like aluminum foil, your old CDs that you no longer need could enjoy a second life as a recycled visual scarer. There really is nothing simpler than threading a string through the center of a CD and hanging it from a tree branch. The sun’s rays would reflect there, creating dazzling flashes.

Old CDs – an economical method

scare away the birds d orchard scare cd disc

Install a radio nearby

We don’t expect the orchard birds to dance to the music. If you place a radio near the orchard, the music and the broadcasts coming from it would be associated with a human presence by the birds. Thus deceived, they would stay away from the orchard.

A radio to imitate a human presence

how to keep birds away from the garden hook up a radio

mothballs to deter birds

Cade oil aside, another scent that tends to repel frugivores is mothballs. Yes, this grandmother’s remedy that our ancestors used to perfume and preserve clothes from moths, could still be very useful to us in the garden. Again, we would use the neck of a plastic bottle as a support to introduce a few mothballs. At the end, it is enough to hang some repellents thus created on some branches.

Mothballs to repel beasts

mothballs to scare away orchard and vegetable garden birds

Pickled or smoked herring fillets

Protect your most beautiful and fruitful branches by hanging pieces of smoked or sour herring on them. Adored by cats, the pieces of fish are not loved by birds. Beware, however, of felines that could come and seize it.

Salted or smoked fish fillets

smoked salmon or herring tips to keep birds away

Make a scarecrow

What you need to know about scarecrows is that they work best when moved around the garden or orchard. For this purpose, the removable character of the scarecrow would be a basic criterion for buying or manufacturing it. Models planted on a stake that is driven into the ground, for example, are very easy to move from one place to another in the garden. Some advise the use of the color red and yellow interpreted as a warning sign by birds. And even if there is no scientific evidence on it, nothing prevents you from trying to use these two colors and to analyze their effectiveness. Making your own scarecrow yourself would be great creative fun for the whole family.

Scarecrow – a traditional method

scarecrow make homemade bird scarer easily

Create a barrier to chase away birds

The chicken wire tunnel and the nets are a fairly effective and widespread way of creating a barrier to bird intrusion. However, if small fruit shrubs lend themselves to it without difficulty, it is quite complicated to drape a net around a tree. For this reason, the netting would be especially preferred to protect raspberries, blackcurrants, currants and blueberries from it, for example. Be sure to choose it with small meshes, in order to prevent birds from getting trapped in it.

A net to create a barrier

net to get rid of birds in the garden and protect the orchard

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