The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, presented on Monday March 14 the new plan for organ and tissue donation, which provides for more resources and an increase in transplants from living donors.

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This is another effect of Covid-19. There are more and more French people waiting for a transplant: there are just over 10,000 today. In question: the drop in transplants due to the health crisis (-25% in 2020), and at the same time the increase in the number of eligible patients.

France hopes to respond to this health challenge with a new action plan by 2026, unveiled Monday by the Ministry of Health and the Biomedicine Agency.

Kidney transplants thus represent about two-thirds of transplants performed last year. “Too few are from living donors”, regrets Emmanuelle Cortot-Boucher, director general of the Biomedicine Agency. “However, it is the best therapy in the face of chronic renal failure. But today, we observe that in France, the share of kidney transplants that are performed from a living donor remains relatively small compared to what other European countries manage to achieve.

For kidney transplants, France is counting on 20% of living donors in 2026, compared to 16% in 2021. In the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, 82% and 53% respectively of kidney transplants are linked to living donors.

One of the roles of the Biomedicine Agency is to make the possibility of living donor transplants known to both relatives of patients and also to professionals, to highlight all the benefits that can be expected from this therapy.“explains Emmanuelle Cortot-Bouche. “The results obtained are better than those of transplants from deceased donors.

The 2022-2026 plan is endowed with 210 million euros. One of these objectives is to enable between 6,760 and 8,530 transplants to be performed by 2026, or 40% more than today. By that date, 150 experienced nurses will be mobilized to better coordinate samples at the hospital. The plan also provides for more incentive funding for the removal and transplant activity, performance indicators to judge it, or even a “take and transplant” referent in the regional health agencies.

Olivier Véran announces a transplant plan, a report by Olivia Chandoux

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