To scare wild boars, a Norman farmer scatters Mayenne dog hair in his fields

Dog hair in the fields, it is the unusual idea of ​​a farmer from Orne. For years, Samuel Riblier, living in a village near La Ferté-Macé, has been fighting against the pests that ruin his life. Scatter canine hair to scare away wild boars, this is the miracle solution he implemented on his farm. And it works like thunder.

“There are traces of wild boars near the fields but they no longer go inside”

Samuel Riblier used to sow three times a year in his corn fields but each time the wild boars came to eat the seedlings. Since he had this idea, the beasts no longer come: “As wild boars have a strong sense of smell, the fact of smelling dog hair tells them that there is possibly the presence of one or more dogs in the area and that repels them. They no longer come to the fields to eat corn grains. We see traces of wild boars near the fields but they no longer penetrate inside” he explains to France Bleu.

Dog hair collected from a Mayenne groomer

An ecological and above all economical solution for the Norman farmer. He collects dog hair in Mayenne, he goes to get it from his sister-in-law, Elodie Royer, a groomer in Mayenne, and it suits him well, she says: “I put aside big 50-litre bags for him and then he scatters them in his fields. Dog hair doesn’t actually sort, it goes in the trash. If other farmers in Orne or Mayenne want some, let them call me”.

This canine care professional even invites individuals to collect dog hair from her shop to keep rabbits and other garden pests away.

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