Togo: GTA Assurances finances sanitary facilities for the benefit of two schools in rural areas

GTA Assurances, a subsidiary of the BCP group, inaugurated a set of sanitary facilities aimed at improving hygiene and sanitation in rural schools.

The initiative is part of a partnership agreement signed in 2021 with the Ministry of Primary, Secondary, Technical and Handicraft Education and the Development Committee at the Haho Base.

Through this agreement, GTA Assurances has undertaken to finance several fully equipped toilet blocks, intended for children in Cooperative/B public primary schools in Notsè, in the prefecture of Haho, located about a hundred kilometers from Lomé, and Badougbé-Kéta , in the prefecture of Vo.

The official key handover ceremony took place on Friday, March 25, 2022 in the presence of the mayor of Haho 1 commune, Mr. Yaovi Sefenou, the former Prime Minister of Togo, Mr. Komi Sélom Klassou, the Secretary of the Primary Education of Haho, Mr. Komlan Agbetognekou, representing the Inspector of Primary, Secondary, Technical and Handicraft Education, the Secretary General of the Prefecture of Haho, Mr. Komlan Assila, representing the Prefect, the Director General of GTA Assurances, Mr. Jean-Marie Koffi Tessi and several administrative and customary authorities.

Through this program to develop and maintain sanitary structures in schools, GTA promotes access for vulnerable populations to health and education, once again demonstrating its desire to place solidarity at the heart of its commitment.



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