Toko Ekambi earns the point of a draw for Lyonnais

Lyon still tramples far from European places

In terms of the Ligue 1 classification, Strasbourg remains 4th, four points behind Marseille, who are playing against Montpellier this Sunday evening. For Lyon, European places are still far away. OL are still 10th, five points behind Monaco, 5th.

It’s over at La Meinau!

At the end of the suspense, Lyon clinched the point of a draw against Strasbourg thanks to a goal from Toko Ekambi in the final seconds. Abused and harmless during the second half, OL can be happy to leave with a point. For Racing, on the other hand, it’s grimace soup. Liénard missed the goal of the break on the hour mark, and that is expensive.

Toko Ekambi puts OL back on track!! Strasbourg 1-1 OL

The Cameroonian is at the reception of a cross from Dubois at the far post. With the tip of his foot, he manages to deceive Sels. The Strasbourg defense cracked on one of the rare dangerous crosses from the Lyonnais in the second period. 1-1!

The strike of Paqueta which passes right next to it!

OL number 10 inherits a good ball from 25 meters, full axis. The Brazilian tries his luck from the right but his shot fails a few centimeters from the post of Sels.

Pollersbeck intervenes in front of Gameiro

Big situation for the number 9 of Racing! In a tight angle, Gameiro finds himself in a duel against Pollersbeck but the Lyon goalkeeper leaves no angle to the shooter and pushes back for a corner.

Ndombélé and Dembele replaced

The Lyon midfielder, visibly affected behind the thigh, gives way to Jeff-Reine Adélaïde while the Lyon striker is replaced by the young Barcola.

Many faults at the end of the match

The faults multiply on both sides. The Lyonnais try to throw their last strength in a high pressing while the Strasbourg try to protect their advantage in the score.

Lyon lacking in inspiration

Like Lucas Paqueta, very discreet this Sunday, OL did not manage to bring danger to the Strasbourg goal. Too timid in their offensives and uninspired, they expose themselves to the counterattacks of their opponents, who are much more dangerous. There are 15 minutes left to play.

Guilbert replaces Caci

Second change for Strasbourg.

Diarra replaces Ahoulou

First change for Strasbourg, with the return of Habib Diarra in place of Jean-Eudes Aholou.

OL have 20 minutes to return

Lyon tries to react on set piece. Faivre’s corner finds the head of Da Silva but his recovery escapes the frame of Sels. There are 20 minutes left for Les Gones to equalise.

Liénard and Ajorque again dangerous

The captain overflows on the left side and sends a good low cross towards Ajorque. The attacker manages to resume but is well countered by Denayer. The corner behind will not give anything.

Double change for OL

Tino Kadewere and Romain Faivre enter the game and replace Tété and Houssem Aouar.

Liénard close to the break!

Oh the Strasbourg captain very close to the second goal! On a ball recovered high in the Lyon camp, Dimitri Liénard is served on a cross at mid-height. Alone in front of goal, the number 11 takes over from the left but his shot from the inside of the foot ends a few centimeters above Pollersbeck’s goal. Very hot action!

Denayer tries his luck

It was the turn of the Strasbourg residents to regain possession of the ball and the Lyonnais to try to sting with counterattacks. On a good cross from the right, Denayer cuts his head but it lacks power to deceive Sels.

Strasbourg retreats, OL put their foot on the ball

The Strasbourg block has retreated and Julien Stéphan’s men want to focus on counterattacks. Ludovic Ajorque is quite alone in the middle of the Lyon defense. For their part, OL dominates but the offensives are timid.

Lyon is moving forward

First dangerous situation for Lucas Paqueta in this second act. Good ball from Moussa Dembélé in the center but the Brazilian misses his recovery with the right foot.

Here we go again at La Meinau!

There are no changes to report on either side for the start of the second half. There are 45 minutes left for the Lyonnais to get back up to par, or even better.

It’s the break !

On a new gift from the Lyon defense, Strasbourg leads 1-0 against OL. Peter Bosz’s players also lost Anthony Lopes to injury. We will have to show a much better face in the second half to reverse the trend, even if OL have touched the bar.

The duels are intense

Like a clash between Dubois and Ajorque, the duels are disputed at La Meinau.

Five minutes of added time

Due to Anthony Lopes injury.

Aouar misses his recovery!

On the other side, Houssem Aouar brings the ball into the area but his recovery escapes the frame…

Decisive Pollersbeck!

The German goalkeeper makes his first save of the match by taking out the volley from Caci!

Gameiro procrastinates

On a new loss of ball from Da Silva, Gameiro does not take advantage of the windfall.

Aholou next!

After a festival from Gameiro on the left side, Ajorque serves Aholou back but his shot misses Pollersbeck’s post.

Possession is Lyon

After 38 minutes: 51% OL and 49% Strasbourg.

Package on the ground

The Brazilian complains of a slap from Aholou.

The Lyonnais emerge as they can

Strasbourg sets a big pace and the Lyon defense emerges as best they can.

Ajorque above!

On a corner, the Strasbourg striker rises higher than everyone but his head goes over.

It’s over for Lopes

Anthony Lopes is lying on the lawn and he has to go out, supported by the trainers. Julian Pollersbeck is getting ready.

The bar for Dembele!

On a cross from Dubois, Dembélé hesitates to put the head but he takes the knee. The ball lands on the bar!

Sissoko sanctioned

The scorer is at fault on Ndombele. The OL defense will be able to break free.

The game resumed

Three minutes after the goal, the Lyonnais engage in midfield.

Lopes remains on the ground

After the goal, the Lyon goalkeeper remains on the ground. He is well touched by Sissoko, but the latter took the ball before the contact.

Strasbourg opens the scoring!

Sissoko is ahead of Ndombele and Dubois and the exit of Lopes to open the scoring. 1-0 for Racing! The Lyon defense is once again not beyond reproach…

Dembele resumed

Nice individual action from Tetê, who connects a small point and goes deep for Dembélé. The attacker is caught on his hook.

Strasbourg grows

On a high recovery, Ajorque is served in the area but misses his center. The Lyon defense emerges.

First opportunity for Strasbourg

On a tense cross from Ajorque, no one takes the ball. But an offside is signaled for the Strasbourg striker.

Aholou on the ground

The Strasbourg player only complains of foot pain after Ndombele steps on his foot. He gets up after the caregivers intervene.

Foul on Aouar

Bellegarde is sanctioned for a stamp on number 8 Lyon.

First corner for Strasbourg

Ajorque wins a first corner conceded by Henrique, but he gives nothing. We remind you that Strasbourg is very comfortable on set pieces.

The strong center of Dubois…

…finds no one in the area.

Aouar in turn

On the corner that follows, Aouar tries his luck at the entrance to the area but his shot is caught by Sels.

Dembélé loses his first duel!

Launched in depth by Paqueta, Dembélé is taken over in the last meters by Nyamsi. What a return from the Racing defender!

Foul by Denayer

The Belgian defender is sanctioned for a high foot on Ajorque at the height of the midfield.

Ndombele sanctioned

The OL midfielder commits a big foul on Sissoko. Liénard’s free kick does nothing.

Large pressing Strasbourg

The Lyonnais confiscate the ball but Strasbourg remain high on the ground.

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given by the Lyonnais.

Crazy atmosphere at La Meinau

As always, the supporters gave voice in a sold-out stadium.

The Lyon U19s in the Gambardella final

Triple winner of the Gambardella, the young Lyonnais qualified for the final after their victory against Troyes. They will face Caen, who beat Rennes on penalties (3-3, 5-3 on pens).

The composition of Strasbourg

Salts, Caci, Liénard, Perrin, Nyamsi, Djiku, Bellegarde, Aholou, Sissoko, Gameiro, Ajorque

The composition of OL with Denayer and Da Silva in defense

Faivre, Boateng, Lukeba on the bench

Lopes-Dubois, Denayer, Da Silva, Henrique – Ndombele, Aouar, Paqueta – Tetê, Dembélé, Toko Ekambi

Mendes absent from the Lyon side

Mendes and Diomandé are forfeited for this match

Kick off at 7 p.m.

Unusual schedule for this match between Strasbourg and OL, Lyon having asked the LFP to play as late as possible after their trip to West Ham on Thursday in the Europa League.

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