Tonkinese: origin, size and character

Particularly affectionate, the Tonkinese is a cat that likes to solicit the attention of its master.

Naturally playful, the tonkinese is very sociable with household members and other pets. Here are the main characteristics and qualities of this breed of cat.

His origins

The Tonkinese comes from a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese.

Of Thai origin, the tonkinese is the result of a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese, when they still had a similar morphology and physical appearance.

The birth of this cat breed took place many centuries ago. However, his name was definitively adopted during the XXand century, after the importation and birth of several specimens in North America, more precisely in Canada.

His character

The Tonkinese is an active and curious cat.

of a dynamic natural, the Tonkinese is active and curious. He does not hesitate to explore his environment. He likes the presence of his master and his relatives, but he knows how to be independent.

Lively and endowed with a balanced temperament, the Tonkinese is an easy-going cat. If he enjoys daily physical exercises, his intelligence is just waiting to be stimulated.

He is sociable and is hardly territorial with other pets, be it a cat or a dog.

His physical characteristics

The Tonkinese is distinguished by a slender silhouette.

Tonkinese is distinguished by a slender figure and well proportioned. He has developed muscles. This is explained by the importance of physical activity in his daily life.

From short to long, his coat can vary between dark and light shades, depending on his ancestry. His head is long. Its slender appearance is enhanced by large, erect ears and almond-shaped eyes.

Whether male or female, the Tonkinese weighs between 2 and 5 kg for a height at the withers that does not exceed 30 cm, which makes it a medium-sized cat.

His price

For a Tonkinese kitten registered in the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins), it is necessary to count between 800 and 1,200 €. The pedigree, breeding and physical appearance of the animal are also likely to influence the price.

It is necessary to provide an average budget of 40 to 50 euros per month to meet its needs (diet, maintenance and veterinary care).

His health

Even if there are many cats that reach the age of 20, the life expectancy of a Tonkinese is generally about fifteen years.

This cat has a good constitution and is not subject to serious pathologies. It is nevertheless advisable to take care of his oral hygiene and to carry out regular checks of his sight with the veterinarian.

This may allow timely diagnosis of retinal atrophy. The latter often occurs with age and, without proper care, can lead to blindness in the cat.

Due to its energetic temperament, the Tonkinese does not present a specific risk of obesity. On the other hand, it does not tolerate seasonal rigors quite badly, in particular the cold.

Adopting an animal commits you, it is a decision that you will have to think carefully about. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the shelter closest to you before starting. They will be able to give you their advice on the breed of cat that will suit you best.


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